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Cake Explosion Box with Flying Butterflies

Fantastic supprise for my good friend for her birthday

Great gift idea for someone who has most things, that you would like to do something different for.

A wonderful delight

The person I sent thus to, was just delighted to receive this gift and noted that the muffin was from her favourite bakery. Job well done 😊😊💤

Hi there,

Oops! It looks like there was a mistake with the rating you left.

We noticed you meant to give us 5 stars, and we appreciate the positive feedback. If there's anything specific you'd like to share or discuss, please let us know. We want to make sure your experience is top-notch.

Caramel & Cookies Cupcakes w/ Popcorn & Choc Malt Balls

Fantastic product, fantastic service.
I had a question after I had placed my order & my email was answered within 20 minutes.
Amazing donuts too!

Did not arrive on specified day

Was not happy at all with the service provided by Goldelucks. Requested for delivery by 27th Monday but package is still yet to be delivered - it’s been overdue for 3 days now… most disappointing experience.

Hi there,

We have reviewed your order details, and you selected the Standard delivery option, which typically takes 1-3 business days, barring any courier delays in Metro suburbs.

Upon checking the tracking link for your order, it appears that the courier is experiencing issues with deliveries due to weather conditions across Australia.

Please be aware that we also do not want this to happen, but unfortunately, we have no control over it. As compensation for the inconvenience, we will be crediting your account with $20 store credit.

Once again, we apologise for the delay.

Order hasn’t been delivered

Hi, I am afraid my order hasn’t been delivered yet, it has taken 3 days to arrive which is unusual, in the past when I have order they have been delivered in 2 days, so the fact it is still not here makes me worried.

Hi Julie,

Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. We've reviewed the tracking information for your order, and it indicates successful delivery today.

We want to clarify that our Standard delivery typically spans 1-3 business days for Metro Suburb and 3-5 on Non-metro from the chosen dispatch date. Upon checking, we observed that you selected the 27th of November as the dispatch date, and today marks the completion of the third business day, with the delivery successfully made.

Your previous orders delivered next business days because you check-out and selected EXPRESS delivery.

If you have any further questions or if there's anything we can assist you with, please don't hesitate to let us know. We value your feedback and aim to ensure your satisfaction with our services.

They loved them

Thank you :)

Cookies are great, shipping not so much

Always great products, but if you are not in the Metro area Melbourne, expect several days delivery, regardless of the date you choose for delivery on the website. If you are aware of the delayed shipping, the products from Goldelucks are aways delicious.

Hi Elaine,

We greatly appreciate your fantastic feedback about our Cookies.

Regarding shipping outside Melbourne Metro, our website provides a label and delivery guide. Orders are dispatched on selected date on check-out, and the delivery time varies based on the location and the shipping method you selected.

Typically, our express delivery takes one business day from the chosen dispatch date, while standard delivery usually spans 1-3 business days.

Thank you again for your support.

Great Birthday Gift

Got this for my friends birthday - they looked amazing, and she said the donuts were really yummy as well. Really appreciated the awesome delivery and tracking function too. Great to know when its delivered. Would definitely buy again!

Disappointed as delivery should have been on the 21st November for the actual Milestone Birthday. Seeing that I placed the order weeks ago, I expected it to arrive on time but was delivered a day late after the Birthday

Hi Sandy,

Upon reviewing your order information, we noted that the delivery destination is beyond the Metro suburbs. As outlined on our website, express delivery generally takes the next business day from the chosen dispatch date for locations within Metro, and 1-3 business days for areas outside Metro.

It's important to note that we include a disclaimer indicating that we cannot control delays, and delivery dates are not guaranteed.

The Best Birthday Surprise

My partner was away for her birthday. She loved the personalised surprise with all the extra added goodies! Better than flowers or boring gift hampers.

Gift Upgrade
Jacqui Stevens
Fun gift!

My friend loved opening her gift with her kids. They loved the surprise butterflies and it made them laugh.

Didn’t get delivered….

the balloon didn’t get included in the order….Got a refund, but was disappointed

Hi Haley,

We regret the oversight in your order, and the missing item has been refunded.

We appreciate your understanding, as this was a result of an unexpected inventory discrepancy caused by a sudden increase in demand or an unforeseen delay in restocking.

When I received the box the cake was melted the plastic was pushed against it. The chocolate bar was completely melted.

Hi there,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused by the melted cake you received. To assist us in addressing this matter swiftly, could you please share a photo of the item with us at Your cooperation will enable us to thoroughly investigate the issue and take immediate steps to rectify it.

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to resolving this to your satisfaction.

Brownie Birthday Bundle
Daniella Vrankovic
Deliberately misleading - would not purchase from this company again

It appears this company invests a reasonable amount of money in social media advertising - the same cannot be said for their customer service. I ordered a bundle of cookies and brownies for a birthday, as most people do clicked through the process without too much thought on the 'Same Day Dispatch' option - i did read the fine print, it indicated delivery in metro areas still happens within 1 day. The follow up email confirming the difference between 'Same day Dispatch' and 'Same Day delivery' reiterated that this company can appreciate that this subtle wording is deliberately misleading to a customer. Every other sweets delivery company will specify delivery date on checkout. Follow up emails and voicemails resulted in no response back from this company. Additionally - this order was received 6 days after it was placed - I'm sure the recipient enjoyed their stale cookies and brownies. Also really confused about why an interstate business would not use a local affiliate for express deliveries, this was not clear to me until i got confirmation that my order was packed - in Melbourne for a Sydney order. This whole process was poor, as mentioned above I would never use this company again. Your novelty confetti and butterflies might be a great selling point if every other part of my interaction was not so so poor. If I could select zero stars, I would.

Hi Daniella,

We apologise for any confusion and appreciate your feedback. We want to clarify that we provide a disclaimer pop-up box addressing our delivery guidelines during the ordering process.

The disclaimer explicitly states that our express delivery option adheres to typical delivery timeframes, and we cannot guarantee delivery dates outside of Melbourne Metro. It is mandatory to click 'I Understand' before proceeding with the order.

While we assure same-day and next-day delivery within Melbourne Metro, unfortunately, this guarantee does not extend beyond that area.

Upon reviewing your order, we observed that you selected Friday as the dispatch date. This means the product was crafted on Friday and scheduled for delivery on Tuesday, constituting a standard 2-business-day delivery period. The items you ordered, a brownie and a cookie, boast a shelf life of up to two weeks, ensuring freshness due to their airtight packaging.

We are confident that the recipient will enjoy a high-quality, fresh product despite the delivery timeline. We appreciate your understanding and remain committed to enhancing our services based on valuable customer input.

Assorted Donut Box 5
Sophie Linden
Yummy plus!

This was a delicious order adored the donuts will not hesitate to use this company again

A Brilliant Gift

My step daughter thought this was a brilliant gift! She was absolutely thrilled! I have ordered a few and the recievers were also thrilled. Thank you for such a wonderful gift. Would definitely recommend to family and friends. Excellent communication, attention to detail and exceptionsal customer service. Keep up the great work! :-D

Gift Upgrade
Ron Baron

Without being too critical, this is a great concept but failed to deliver what is advertised. This was a present for my 92 year old Mother In-Law. Of the six or so butterflies, none were air born. They just flapped a little on her bench. Sorry, but not worth the $89.95 I paid.

Hi Ron,

We regret to learn about the incident. Is it possible to have a snapshot of the moment before the box was opened? If so, please forward it to us at We will conduct an investigation to understand the situation and identify any issues.

We await your follow-up so that we can address and rectify what happened.

Cake Explosion Box with Flying Butterflies

Great product

I discovered goldilocks after goggling donut birthday cakes as my husband just loves donuts and it was for his birthday. Was simple to order online and the description was perfect. Was exactly as described. Delivery was efficient and it kept well as the lunch was Sunday but had to have it delivered Saturday. Size fed 25 people well. It was very yummy and nice and moist. Would most def recommend using this company. I will use again in the future

Delivery timeframe

When I order I’m expecting it to arrive for the persons birthday not 3 days later. You need clearer instructions and information around delivery times!

Hi Lana,

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. We appreciate your input and apologize for any inconvenience you experienced with our delivery service.

We understand that the timing of your delivery did not align with your expectations, and we sincerely apologize for any frustration this may have caused. We strive to provide clear information throughout the checkout process, and we regret that there may have been confusion regarding the delivery options.

As you mentioned, there is a label displayed during the checkout process outlining our delivery procedures, and customers are prompted to choose between Standard and Express delivery before confirming their payment.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, and we look forward to the opportunity to regain your trust.

Gold butterfly explosion box.

A little dissapointing I paid for the wrapping and ribbon and only had ribbon.
There was no birthday note that I added.
A couple of the butterflies just fell to the floor.

Hello Katalin,

Appreciate you bringing this matter to our notice. We have initiated the refund for the item that was missing.

Could you please reach out to us via email at Additionally, kindly share a video prior to opening the box, allowing us to investigate the issue with the butterflies not functioning as expected.

Order never arrived

Very disappointed, order didn’t arrive on the selected date and 3 days later still hasn’t been delivered.

Hello Siobhan,

I appreciate your feedback, and I apologize for the delayed response. After reviewing your order history, it appears that all your orders have been within Melbourne Metro.

When ordering within Melbourne Metro, you have the option to select your preferred delivery date during checkout, and we will ensure your order reaches you on that specified day.

For orders outside Melbourne Metro or destined for regional Victoria, we dispatch your items on the chosen date. The standard delivery timeframe is typically 1 business day for metro suburbs and 1-3 business days for regional areas. Please be aware that unforeseen courier challenges may occasionally result in an extra day or two for delivery. While we cannot guarantee an exact delivery date, we are committed to doing our utmost to get your order to you as quickly as possible.

Gift Upgrade
Janet Gardiner
80th birthday celebrations

What fantastic service, I live in rural Australia and ordered this gift box for my mums 80th birthday, I didn’t think it would arrive in time for her birthday but would at least get there for her party, I was pleasantly surprised that it arrived 24hrs after I ordered and was her for her birthday day. She loved it as did all of her friends, for each birthday celebration for the following week she opened and showed everyone. She LOVED it. Thank you for an amazing service.