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Most amazing brownie we have ever had


Lads! Do yourself a favour and make sure you get the butterflies added! Worth the expression on your partners face 🤣 worth it!

Excellent customer service

Donut cake was delicious and very fresh. It was delivered punctually. I am a very happy customer, will definitely order again!

Mega! This is a true hit!

The recipient of the doughnuts was tickled to death with the doighnuts! It was a round birthday and it hit the spot. The balloon and card was the icing on the cake.

Donut Makes Another Very Happy Birthday

Absolutely delishish and bigger than expected. Will definitely order again, thanks a bunch.

The cake was upside down and the butterflies didn't work

Over priced, considering the cake was upside down and the butterflies didn't fly.

Hi Kristie!

Thank you for reviewing our box and we are sorry to hear that your butterflies did not work as expected. As for the upside down cake, we apologize again for this and as we mentioned on our response to you, we do apologize on behalf of the courier if your box was not handled properly but there are some instances that we do not have control over.

We apologize deeply for how it arrived but please understand that the courier does the handling and we do whatever we can to make sure it won't topple over.

Apologies again and should you have further concerns, please send us an email at

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Tamara Sedstra

The doughnuts were really yummy, but it would have been nicer if it had maltesers rather than those other malt chocolate balls. I would still have it again though.
Delivery and customer service were fantastic, and my wife loved the message I had written on the box.

Love it

Was a great gift for a loved one

Ding, ding, finally a birthday cake that was a winner!

For 13 years I slaved over the oven, baking and decorating cakes my son never ate. This year he asked for a giant donut cake. It arrived and it was huge given it was just our small family this year. "You've done you're money here," I thought to myself. "One small piece and he'll be done." Wrong. He loved it, and every crumb disappeared over the coming days as he took it for school snack (birthday week so rules relaxed). It stayed soft and tasty for three days. System qwon't let me select five stars but definitely warrants it! PS delivered on a Sunday before lunch so full marks for delivery too.


Bought this cake for my daughters 8th birthday. Was opening in anticipation and none of the butterflies worked, 1 fluttered about a second and that’s it and the cake was upside down too. Sent a message and have yet to receive a response. Very disappointing for the price!

Hi Rachel!

We apologize if the box did not meet your expectations and if the butterflies didn't fly. We just looked up your email address in our ticket system and we have not received any message from you yet.

We are more than happy to look into this for you if you can please send us a ticket or email to and we'll respond as soon as possible.

Love Love Love

So yummy 🤤 kids really enjoyed it.
Awesome gift 🎁
Loved that it was super easy to order aswell!
This os my second time using you guys and will definitely be ordering again! Thanks for the hassle free birthday!

Everyone loved it

It was a different and amazing experience for my husband and kids
My girls loved the butterfly

Uploaded Photos
Seema Shrivastava
Was amazing

My husband and kids loved it and the cake was gone with in seconds and photos has put an extra effect so thank you much and highly recommended

So creative

Was an amazing surprise for my friend and made her day

I never received my order places on 16th November 2021.haven't got the refund.pathetic service

No product refund received. Horrible n pathetic service..disheartening..will not recommend to anyone.Worst customer service.People don't be flattered by the butterflies they put in box ..the box might never reach u..maybe the butterflies took the box away..LOST IN TRANSIT FOREVER

Hi Guneet! We have been trying to reach out to you since the day you have reported that you didn't receive the box. We also offered reshipment because we understand how disappointing it is to lost a parcel. We have not heard from you since then but our offer of re-shipment is still open should you like to communicate with us. Please send us an email at as we are still waiting for your response. Thank you kindly and we are sorry again if your parcel is lost.

Great Donut cake

Great Donut cake. Was absolutely delicious and stayed fresh for a couple of days.

Yummy treats

Ordered for a 10 year old bday. He loved it. Donuts were fresh and very tasty. Excellent customer and delivery service.,I got updates about my order until they delivered. Highly recommended.


What a perfect surprise! My daughter loved the butterflies to celebrate her graduation!!!

Fully Loaded Cookies
Chloe Taylor
Cookies at the GOAT

if you are unsure of what to get, the cookie range never disappoints

Nutella Syringe
Megan Modrich

So tasty, perfect addition to the box.


Box was filled with delicious treats and yummy donuts. Service was fantastic and someasy to deal with highly recommend.

What a load of shit . $50 for a cup cake .
Next time you may need to show the right cake sizing
As it can easily be mistaken for at least a medium size cake .. will not buy again !!!!

Hi Elisa!

We are sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with our box. Please know that we have included a size beside each flavor which is 3'. We are also available Monday to Friday if you have further inquiries about our boxes. We apologize deeply again if it did not meet your expectations. We would gladly want to hear more of your feedbacks if you can share them via email at

We look forward to your email and we are sorry to hear again about your disappointment.

Very cool but small cake

The flying butterflies are awesome but the cake is quite small.

Double D
Pretty FUn

Was an interesting gift, my friend liked it hahaha

Toblerone Donut Cake
Maggie Trant

The donut cake was amazing but I gave it a four-star because I got The rose petals that flowed out but all they did was put them around the cake they didn’t come out and nobody said that if I didn’t get the exploding cake box that that wouldn’t happen also they lost a star because they were over the time limit to deliver on the actual birthday date which kind of stressed me out because by 5 o’clock when it wasn’t there I was a little concerned but it got there at 5:08 PM at the very end of the Sunday other than that I am extremely happy and have ordered at least four or five times from this company and I love that they deliver on Sundays and that everybody enjoys their cakes are really yummy