About us

Goldeluck's Bakeshop is a bakery located in Melbourne's eastern suburb of Croydon South. We have a love for bakery goods and it is our philosophy to make our products fresh every day. 

We make everything from dossants to doughnuts, bread to pies and pasties and cake slices to pastries. In 2015, we were awarded bronze at the 2016 Australian National Baking Competition for our traditional meat and vegetable pastie. 

Later that year, we introduced the dossant, a croissant-doughnut and have since been featured in the Herald Sun, Broadsheet, Urban List Melbourne, the Chrissie, Sam & Browny show and in international publications such as the Metro UK. 

In 2017, we created the world's first gold croissant-doughnut - made with real 24 karat gold. We then expanded our doughnut range beyond traditional jam doughnuts for the first time and created flavours such as the Golden Gaytime, Raspberry White Choc and Nutella on Mars leading to the Herald Sun named as one of the best doughnut shops in Melbourne. 



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