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Top Valentine’s Day Gifts to Surprise Your Special Someone (2023)

by Phillip Kuoch on February 08, 2022

We know the struggles of finding the perfect gift for your special someone. If you're looking for some gift inspiration this Valentine's Day, here are our top gifts that'll make your partner swoon!


Cake Confetti Explosion Box

Nothing’s more surprising than having confetti exploding in your loved one's face! Don’t worry, they get a sweet treat after.

Remember when we used to buy confetti bombs for celebrations? We did the hard work for you! Our Confetti Explosion Box combines the confetti bomb together with a cake to make the perfect all-in-one surprise. Our Confetti Explosion Box explodes confetti when the box is opened, showing a cute 3” mudcake. Our many customisable options, including photos and messages, are sure to give anyone the best shock of their life!

Our confetti box is re-usable so reset the box for unlimited fun! Our Cake Confetti explosion box ships Australia-wide, get this box delivered to your friends and family all around Australia!

Shop the Cake Confetti Explosion Box Here.


Pink Heart Chocolate Flower Bouquet

Valentine’s Day is an annual reminder that your partner wants flowers but won’t ask for flowers because then if you get them flowers it’s because they said they wanted flowers but they want you to get them flowers because you wanted to get flowers for them.

Go above and beyond with a flower bouquet they can take a bite out of! Our Pink Heart Chocolate Flower Bouquet look exactly like flowers, just with chocolates so you and your partner can share them together. 

Thinking to send our chocolate bouquets to Sydney, Gold Coast, or Adelaide? Fret not, our Chocolate Bouquets ship Australia-wide! 

Shop the Pink Heart Chocolate Flower Bouquet Here.

Want a different colour scheme for your bouquet? Check out our range of Edible Flower Bouquets and Arrangements Here.


My Valentine's Rose Bouquet

Not the biggest fan of chocolates? Show them how sweet you are and send a donut flower bouquet instead! Share 7 donuts beautifully arranged in a bouquet with that special someone. Perfect for a first date, or a partner you've known for a lifetime.

Shop My Valentine's Rose Bouquet Here.

Want a different colour scheme for your bouquet? Check out our range of Edible Flower Bouquets and Arrangements Here.


Double Choc Loaded Brownie

Just like mum’s homemade brownies, but BIGGER. Our Double Choc Loaded Brownie is loaded with chocolate ganache, kit kats, and sooo much love. Perfect for Valentine's Day and Galentine's Day!

Have a loved one located in Sydney, Perth, or Brisbane? Send some homemade love they can stuff their face in!

Shop the Double Choc Loaded Brownie Here

Want a Double Choc Loaded Brownie today? Place an order before 12pm and get same day delivery within Melbourne, or same day dispatch to the rest of Australia! Check out our Same Day Double Choc Loaded Brownie Here


Netflix and Chill

Prefer spending an intimate night in with a Netflix and Chill sesh? Snack on our Netflix and Chill box while binge-watching your favourite shows! This box is easy to share and reminiscent of the nights you shared a glorious HSP box after a night out. 

Shop the Netflix and Chill Box Here


Movie Date Night Confetti Hamper

The perfect treat for a movie date! Celebrate Valentine's Day with confetti before cosying up on the couch with your special someone.

Shop the Movie Date Night Confetti Hamper Here


 You Are Worth It Hamper

Treat yourself on Valentine's Day with special treats from local Australian makers! Upgrade your gift with a bottle of champagne, you know you're worth it.

Shop the You Are Worth It Hamper Here


 Beer & Cookie Confetti Hamper

Know a beer lover? This is the perfect gift for them! This confetti hamper is filled with 3 moon dog beers, 4 loaded cookies, and loads of confetti. Booze up your gift with a bottle of wine or champagne! 

Shop the Beer & Cookie Confetti Hamper Here


Need more Valentine's Day inspiration? Check out our fully range of Valentine's Day gifts Here. Happy lovin'!


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