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Top 5 Gifts Every Chocolate Lover Needs on World Chocolate Day!

by Phillip Kuoch on July 07, 2021

It’s World Chocolate Day! We want to celebrate with you the joy of Chocolate and all its amazing wonders. Share this with any of your chocolate-loving friends and have a scrumptious feast together!

  1. Double White Chocolate TIM TAM Loaded Brownie - $48
Double Choc Tim Tam Loaded Brownie

What could be better than celebrating World Chocolate Day with a wickedly GIANT, delicious chocolate brownie? *Hint* A wickedly delicious chocolate brownie sprinkled with even more of your favourite chocolate toppings! Send your Chocolate lover friends and family this flavourful dessert box to celebrate today!

  1. Chocolate Doughnut Cake - $49
Chocolate Doughnut Cake

World Chocolate Day + Doughnut obsession = A Giant Chocolate Doughnut Cake! 

Melbournians, we got you! Our Giant Chocolate Doughnut Cake is the perfect surprise for your Chocolate lover friend’s birthday. Celebrate their special day with this sweet treat to show your immense love and gratitude for them!

  1. Chocolate Dick - $38
Chocolate Dick

Introducing the Chocolate Dick … It’s pretty self-explanatory. Our sweet chocolate dick ships Australia-wide, get this delivered straight to your home and have some fun!

  1. Bling Bling Box - $89
Bling Bling Box

We can’t forget about our boujee friends on World Chocolate Day. It’s time to spoil them too! Send your boujee friend the most boujee box of all! 24K Gold magic doughnuts & Nutella Rocher dossants, surrounded by your favourite classic chocolates… it’s the way to a boujee friend’s heart. 

  1. Cookies and Cream Duo - $65
Cookies and   Cream Duo

You’re the biggest fan of Hershey's Cookies and Cream Bar? We’ve got you covered! Our Cookies and Cream duo features our infamous Nutella & Cheesecake with Oreo doughnuts, surrounded by mini Hershey. It’s the quintessential box to share with your friends for a night in, to celebrate World Chocolate Day! 

For more naughty, delectable sweet treats, check out our full chocolate dessert box range and get them shipped Australia-wide including Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane!

Make sure to check us out on our socials to find out how we celebrated World Chocolate Day! 



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