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Fun Mother’s Day Gifts & Hampers To Send

by Phillip Kuoch on May 04, 2022

It's that time of the year again to shower your mum with extra love! Check out our top picks to surprise mum for Mother's Day this year.

Relaxation Treat Confetti Hamper

Pamper mum with a relaxation treat confetti, filled with an assortment of gourmet treats sourced from local Australian makers. The relaxation treat confetti hamper explodes confetti when the box is opened, giving mum the best surprise. Remember to clean up for mum after though!

Shop the Relaxation Treat Confetti Hamper Here.

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Pink Heart Chocolate Bouquet

What's better than a beautiful bouquet for Mother's Day? Edible flowers! Have a beautifully decorated bouquet for mum that she can eat after. Perfect for when you want to send a traditional gift, but with a sweet twist.

Shop the Pink Heart Chocolate Bouquet Here.

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Double D

Send a cheeky gift this Mother's Day with our Double D's! Our Double D's are vegan friendly, perfect for vegan mamas who want a laugh on Mother's Day.

Shop the Double D here.

Check out our range of Cheeky Gifts Here.


Double Choc Loaded Brownie

 Just like mum's homemade brownies, but BIGGER. Add a confetti bomb to surprise mum and add an alcohol bottle to celebrate! 

Shop the Double Choc Loaded Brownie Here.

Want a different flavour of Loaded Brownie? Check out our range of Loaded Brownies Here.


Cake Explosion Box with Flying Butterflies

Give mum butterflies with our cake explosion box with flying butterflies! Surround her with love and butterflies while you enjoy a mudcake together. It'll be the perfect way to celebrate mum for all the hard work she's done.

Shop the Cake Explosion Box with Flying Butterflies Here.

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