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Best EOFY Gifts Your Clients and Colleagues Will Love

by Phillip Kuoch on June 07, 2022

Thank your clients and staff for their hard work by gifting them a unique edible gift box during the end of financial year! Find the best corporate gifts that would make your clients and staff feel appreciated. 

We know how important it is to show appreciation to all your co-workers. Contact us for orders of 5 boxes or more to receive corporate discounts! We have tons of customisable options including edible logo discs, branded cards and more to make your gift personal and heartwarming. Here are some gifts to surprise your clients and staff! 

Double Choc Loaded Brownie

Our best seller for all clients and staff - the Double Choc Loaded Brownie! This GIANT brownie is perfect for coworkers all around Australia and great to share for office parties. Add a confetti bomb that explodes when the box is opened, or an alcohol bottle to celebrate your successes as a team. 

Shop the Double Choc Loaded Brownie Here.

Want a different flavour of Loaded Brownie? Check out our range of Loaded Brownies Here.


Relaxation Treat Confetti Hamper

Your clients and staff have been hard at work all year round. Pamper them with a Relaxation Treat Confetti Hamper filled with Australian goodies and a confetti bomb that explodes when the box is opened to celebrate a well-deserved break! 

Shop the Relaxation Treat Confetti Hamper Here.

Want a different hamper for your clients and staff? Check out our range of Explosion Hampers Here.


Yellow Heart Corona Chocolate Arrangement

Have a beautifully arranged bouquet sent to your client's doorstep! Our Yellow Heart Corona Chocolate Arrangement has edible chocolate flowers and 2 bottles of beer, perfect for a sweet celebration.

Shop the Yellow Heart Corona Chocolate Arrangement Here.

Want a different colour scheme for your bouquet? Check out our range of Edible Flower Bouquets and Arrangements Here.


Cake Confetti Bounce Box

Surprise your clients and colleagues with confetti and a decadent mudcake! Our Cake Confetti Bounce Box is perfect for reliving your best memories with your work besties. Add personalised photos in the box to remember all the great times you had.

Shop the Cake Confetti Bounce Box Here.

Want a different treat for your hamper? Check out our range of Explosion Boxes Here.


Slim Shady Giant Cookie

A GIANT cookie for everyone who made it through the financial year! Our freshly baked Slim Shady Giant Cookie is loaded with M&M's and chocolate and Nutella, the best treat for a job well done. Up your gifting game and add a confetti bomb that explodes when the box is opened, or an alcohol bottle!

Shop the Slim Shady Giant Cookie here.

Want a different flavour of cookie? Check out our range of Cookie Cakes here.


Ready to be the office hero? Contact us to discuss your corporate orders today! 


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