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4 Pack Box

4 Pack Box

Regular price $18.00

Online offer only. Purchase any four dossants* and doughnuts for a special price. 

In your purchase notes, list any four dossants or doughnuts. By default if there's no instructions, we'll put together four of our favourites for you!

Choose from:

  • Original Glaze dossant
  • Cinnamon dossant
  • Caramilk dossant *new*
  • Apple Crumble dossant *new*
  • Fairy Dust dossant
  • Honeycomb Caramel dossant
  • HERSHEY's dossant
  • Nutella Rocher dossant
  • Tim Tam sandwich dossant
  • Golden Gaytime doughnut
  • Raspberry White Choc doughnut
  • Nutella on Mars doughnut
  • Bulls Eye doughnut  *new*
  • Cadbury Creme Egg doughnut  *new*

*Excluding 24K Gold Magic Dossant & Leche Flan Doughnut Burger 



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