Bar & Wall? why not!

Make your event more interesting, fun and Instagram-mable with our eye-candy, eye-catching, unique Doughnut Walls and Doughnut Bars! Special requests are accepted --- as long as it is sweet and delectable :) 


1. Choose Your Doughnuts

Choose from our wide range of doughtnuts, from filled to non-filled to dossants!

2. Pick Your Style

Let us know your preferred style for doughnut catering!

3. Enjoy The Goodness!

We pride ourselves with giving you freshly baksed doughnuts thus we encourage you to book with us as early as possible!

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Can I Hire Just The Doughnut Bar Or Doughnut Wall?

You can hire just the donut bar or donut wall without ordering the donuts from us. We aim to be a one-stop shop for all your catering needs, so we do recommend ordering from us as we can offer savings for you.

How early should I book for my event?

Usually, we can confirm your order if we have been given at least 48 hours notice. However, we do recommend giving us a much notice as possible as our products can be all booked out on your event date.

What Happens If I Accidentally Break It?

We get it - accidents happens! If a breakage happens, please do not try to repair it yourself. Our products are custom made and requires a skilled tradesman to repair it. Repairing it yourself will most likely result in further damage and costs. It’s best to just leave it as it is and let us know. 

We will hold onto your bond money and let a repairer access the damage. Once we know how much the repair costs are, we will either deduct it from your bond money or let you know if it exceeds the bond money.

When Will My Bond Be Refunded?

Once we have received the hired products back, we will asess it for any damages before we refund your bond. This can take up to 5-7 business days. It will be refunded back to the nominated account if there are no damages found on the hire.


We are commited in making and bringing fresh and delectable doughnuts to your doorsteps.

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